I am an Independent Demonstrator for Uppercase Living® (UL).  What is Uppercase Living?
Uppercase Living is a direct sales company that produces beautiful, decorative vinyl expressions sold through in-home parties or online through demonstrators like myself. Our purpose is to strengthen and brighten lives on a daily basis through our unique and meaningful products. We are the industry leader in vinyl wall décor!  We offer hundreds of pre-designed expressions and images for you to choose from (such as witty phrases, motivational quotes, and meaningful sayings), that can be placed (and removed) quickly and easily on your walls and many other surfaces.  You can also create a custom design for yourself using our MyDesign Suite! For more information and to view our complete product line, visit http://michellemoore.uppercaseliving.net

Words have the power to inspire the mind and stir the soul. With UL you can create an environment that is inviting as well as meaningful; making your home a source of encouragement. Every quote or image you display can be a subtle reminder to cherish the people, places and moments that matter most.

YOU can make your space a reflection of the unique individual you are. Whether you identify with a deeply motivational thought, a beautiful embellishment, a bold image, or a combination of these, Uppercase Living expressions let you express the unique individual that you are!

If you are interested in earning FREE and 1/2 off product, consider hosting an Uppercase Living open house! I am located in Northwest, MN but if you're not in MN, that's no problem! Host an Uppercase Living ONLINE Party, or host a Party in a Box. I will provide you with everything you need to host your party, even if I cant be there!

Please Note: I am always looking for new team members! Start your own business with Uppercase Living for just $99 and you will receive huge product discounts, instant commission on all of your sales, and other incredible benefits.  With your own schedule, an inspiring and beautiful product, and great support from myself and the Home Office, you can’t lose! If you know someone who might be interested in selling Uppercase Living products, please have them contact me!! For more information about joining my team, please visit my FAQ page by clicking HERE


See the tree decal in the 2 pictures to the left and the center picture? That's a decal from Target. The picture on the right? Vinyl expression from Uppercase Living! Other brands don't stick very well, have a clear outline, and appear more like a sticker. Also, to the top of the middle picture you can see the lettering from Target. It's all one sheet with the clear outline through the entire piece. Uppercase Living vinyls are hand-weeded (so no clear outline), and basically blend into your wall making it appear to be hand painted, even on a heavily textured wall.

Q: Can you reuse the expressions once you remove them?

A: Officially, No.  Uppercase Living does not recommend or support reusing their expressions.  

Q: How can I view a catalog and place and order?

A: You can shop online by going to http://michellemoore.uppercaseliving.net and clicking on the Products tab at the top!  You can also see instantly what each expression will look like when you select a color(s).  You can even choose your wall color to get a visual idea of what your expression will look like when you apply it!

Q: What are the grey and black 2 part expressions?

A: Certain expressions can come in two colors - these expressions are marked as a 2 part expression.  The grey colored part can be made in one color, and the black in another.  They will each arrive on their own sheet, so you can install them properly.

Q: The expression states each item can be mirrored - what does that mean?

A: By default, the adhesive is placed on the back of the vinyl lettering, meaning that the sticky part will be on the back of the lettering as it faces you in a readable format.  You can get any item or embellishment mirrored.  This means the adhesive will be on the front of the vinyl, so when you install it, it will look backwards.  Why do this?  Many reasons...you can install an expression on the inside of a window that can be read from the outside but without exposing to the elements.  You may also want to order several embellishments of, say, some sports figures.  Well you may not want all 3 baseball players facing the same direction - you could mirror one or two so they are facing in opposite directions. 

Q: I want to order an expression but need to know the overall size - how can I do that?

A: When you select the expression you can see instantly what the dimensions will be depending on what size you choose!

Q: I want to design a custom expression, how do I know how big it will be?

A: Using the MyDesign Tool in the Customize part of the Uppercase Living website, you can design the expression to your specifications.  You may get a message appearing at the top in red lettering stating you have exceeded the maximum size for the expression.  This notice is a limitation for the vinyl printing machine - which we can work around, but I want you to ignore the message for now.  Design it with the size letter, the font and the color you'd like.  You'll then see a Total Width and Total Height listed in inches above the grid in the upper right.  This is the OVERALL space required to install the expression as you'd like it to appear.  We can then work together to break the expression into parts if it has exceeded the size limitations of the vinyl machine.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

A: First you must know that everything is made to order and there are no "in stock" expressions.  Shipping times can vary based on location. For individual orders, they will ship UPS Ground, which takes 5 business days once it leaves the production facility in Utah, and arrive at your door. We can also ship to Canada, at an extra charge.

Q: My expression is very big, how can I put it up myself?

A: If you can find another set of willing and able hands, this can help with bigger expressions.  Sometimes that isn't possible.  The best way to do this solo is to tape the expression to your wall and level it. Once taped, you can then cut the expression while still in between the layers into manageable pieces. Take special care not to cut the vinyl, so if the words are script, cut in between the words.  Re-tape some sections if necessary then install following the normal instructions.

Q: Can you use the expressions outside?

A: Yes!  You can display our regular vinyl expressions outside, and we also offer a White Premium Bond which has a stronger adhesive than the regular vinyl...this type of vinyl is meant for car windows or on glass doors (at a business or store) or on a mailbox, and not meant for painted surfaces.

Q: What kind of surfaces can you put UL on?

A: The vinyl should adhere to any non-porous surface.  You can put them on bathroom mirrors (yes, you can clean them with Windex with no problem!!), stained wood doors, your car (on the paint of your car use regular vinyl, on the windows use premium bond. they will survive through the carwash as well as yucky winter weather!), glass, painted walls, tile, plates, toilets, sinks, appliances, burlap (with help from mod podge), wood and more!  The very cool thing about this vinyl is that it will take on the texture of the surface you put it on...so if your walls are textured, the vinyl will take on those same characteristics - definitely making it look hand painted! To apply to a textured wall you will need to use the wet cloth application technique.

Q: I'm painting my room, when can I put an expression on it?

A: UL recommends (as do all the interior & exterior paint cans) that you let the paint cure on the walls for two weeks before putting an expression on it.  This ensures that the paint is completely dry so if you choose to remove it in the future, the vinyl should just peel right off with no damage to the wall. 

Q: What is involved in being an Uppercase Living Demonstrator?

A: Check out my FAQ page about joining my page here --> http://decoratingwithdecals.blogspot.com/p/faqs-about-joining-my-team.html

Becoming a demonstrator is EASY and FUN!  You can even enroll online at http://michellemoore.uppercaseliving.net/JoinMyTeam!  There are two starter kit options to choose from, and they will include everything you need to get your UL business off the ground!  Their compensation plan is generous and the potential to earn lots of money is only limited by what you want to do!  You get to meet great people, and enjoy some adult only time when you bring UL to your friends, family, and colleagues!

To check out our catalogs or place an order please go to my Uppercase Living website: http://michellemoore.uppercaseliving.net/
If you have any questions, or need help creating a custom design to fit your needs, please contact me here.


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