Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beautiful House Numbers

Want your house to stand out in a unique and creative way? Add  vinyl decals of your house number to your front door! It's a simple way to add some beautiful curb appeal to your home! And it's really easy too.

The wonderful thing about this idea is you can custom design your Uppercase Living decals to fit your style and needs. From big and dramatic, to small and basic. No matter what your style, adding your house number to your door will look FABULOUS!

They are super easy to apply, just prep the surface, remove the backing paper, apply to the surface, and remove the transfer film and your done! It's a whole lot simpler than creating and painting on a stencil, and if you later decide you don't like it any more you can easily remove it with no damage to the surface.

You can display your house numbers on other surfaces than your door too. Love this idea to put the decals on flower pots! 

Have an idea of somewhere else to display your house numbers? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Have a happy day and Live a Life Inspired!
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