Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day is coming!

Is it just me, or does this year really seems to be flying by? I can't believe it, but Valentine's Day is only 5 days away! And I'm super excited because it's my favorite holiday! There'll be candy, lots of love, and I'm going to be attempting to make red velvet cupcakes for the first time ever. I'm by no means a good baker, so wish me luck!

Today I wanted to share with you this cute, easy craft that's perfect for Valentine's Day. All it is is erasable chalkboard vinyl on a frame. You can keep it by your bedside all year round for an adorable way to remind your significant other why you love them.

All you need to do is get a simple 8x10 frame. I couldn't find a cute colored one so I just painted mine. 
Then add some flowers, ribbon, bling, whatever you want. 
Now, on the glass frame part, simply cut a piece of this chalkboard vinyl to fit your frame and apply it to the glass. It's really easy, goes on just like a sticker. 
Then on top of the chalkboard vinyl, apply this"{i love you because}" vinyl expression. And your done! Simple right? 
And you can get the "{i love you because}" expression in any color you want so you can really make this piece your own!

I hope you liked this craft, stay tuned for more to come!
Have a happy day!

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  1. As I grow older, each year seems to past faster & faster! Lovely gift suggestion ;D

    <3 Carsla
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